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Daily Activities - Week 8

Updated: May 15, 2020

Day 1

Here is Miss Thompson with today's activity which is the Vertical Jump Test.

This is a test of lower body power and it is a great exercise for building endurance and explosive power.

Give it a few tries and let us know how high you managed to jump!

Day 2

Today is tranquil Tuesday.

We have put together a spot list, so on your daily walk/exercise today see how many of these things you can see!

Let us know how many you spot.

Can you find anything really cool on your walk that is different from anything else on the list?

Day 3

It's that time of the week again!

It's Mr Giblett's weekly Wednesday challenge.

Today is a funny on to try!

Can you do it first time?

Day 4

Today we are doing a throwing accuracy game!

Using different basket or boxes, throw the ball underarm into the target.

Ways of challenging yourself -

When you get the ball in the target, move the target further away each time.

Use different target sizes, getting smaller each time.

Try using different objects to throw into the target.

Turn it into a competition with someone in your home. Who can be the first to get it in all targets, or see who has the least amount of tries.

If you don't have a ball you can use rolled up socks, a teddy or even a hair band!

Day 5

It's Friday!

Try this fun back to back challenge!

Start sitting back to back linking arms and work together to stand up.

Have fun trying this and have a good weekend. We will be back Monday with more of our activities.

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