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Daily Activities - Week 6

Updated: May 1, 2020

Day 1

It's the start of a new week, and the weather forecast is not looking great for the rest of the week, so make the most of this dry weather today!

Today's activity is with Miss Thompson and Brogan, looking at your football dribbling and ball control.

If you are older, try adding some toe taps at the beginning and end of the line. We had a go at these in week 2, and if you didn't see them, head back to have a go! It's a fun challenge.

Day 2

It's tranquil Tuesday and the rain has arrived. So today, take some time out and spend a few minutes doing these ocean yoga poses.

Give each pose a try, and then see if you can put them together with smooth ways of transitioning between each pose.

This could be a great daily routine in the morning before starting the day.

Do in a space which is quiet, or have some nice, calming music playing.

Spend a bit of time before each pose to concentrate on your breathing.

Day 3

It's Mr Giblett's week 6 challenge and today it's a reaction game!

Set a 30 second timer.

You can make it more challenging by adding more numbers or you could spread the numbers further apart from each other.

Let us know how you get on!

Day 4

Today's activity is a super fun one, its the Mr men game!

Can you move like these Mr men?

Can you think of any other Mr Men or Little Miss you can move like?

We love the Mr Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves!

A fun fact! Did you know that the first Mr Men character to be created was Mr Tickle in 1971!

Head over to their website to see all the books and characters, they have some great drawing and colouring activities for you to do!

Day 5

It's Friday! Today we are having a Disco day!

Put your favourite songs on and spend 30 minutes to an hour dancing around!

You could come up with a dance routine for a particular song, or just dance away to the music however you feel.

This is a great way of getting your daily exercise in and raising your heart rate, its good for your head space and its also lots and lots of fun!

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