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Daily Activities - Week 5

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Day 1

Today's activity is a reaction time game. Not only will it test your reaction time but it will get you improving your speed and agility.

Set out a square using 4 markers. We have used cones but you can use anything you have in your home. You could use different coloured bits of clothing, or you could use different objects, for example a hair brush, a tin of beans, a book and TV remote.

Stand in the middle of the square and have a parent/sibling shout out a colour/object, and you need to shuffle around that colour/object as quick as you can returning to the middle, and then they will shout out the next item!

Set yourself a time of 30 seconds, and see how many objects you can circle around in that time. Make sure you keep your body facing forwards.

Have a competition with someone in your home, or challenge yourself to beat your first score!

Day 2

It's tranquil Tuesday and this is a really fun one for children who are Harry Potter fans!

Follow the link below to do the 30 minute yoga session, where you will follow the story of The Philosopher's Stone.

Cosmic Kids is a fantastic learning resource used in schools and at home, looking at yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children. It takes them on interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence.

Day 3

Mr Giblett's weekly Wednesday challenge today is Burpees!

See how many you can do in 30 seconds! Burpees work lots of different muscle groups and increases your heart rate which is what will keep you fit and healthy!

Mr Giblett explains and demonstrates how to do a burpee, and the picture here also shows how they are done correctly.

Let us know how many you can do in 30 seconds! You could set your self a challenge to see if you can increase the amount you can do after a week.

Day 4

Today's activity is Bowling!

We cant go to the bowling alley at the moment and we know some of you parents are missing skittles so here is one for the family!

To make this more challenging-

* Move the throwing line further away

* Place the bottles further away from each other

* Add a little bit of water to the bottles to make it trickier to hit them down.

With this one, as its going to be a hot day today, you could agree that whichever bottle you hit over you get to throw the water over another player! Lots of fun and something to cool you down!

Day 5

Here is Miss Thompson and Brogan with today's activity which is looking at your balancing!

Draw different shapes and lines on the floor, or you can use tape to mark it out, and see if you can walk along the line keeping your balance.

Can you make it more challenging by having swirly, wavy and zig zagging lines to walk along?

You could also try walking backwards along the line to really challenge yourself!

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