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Daily Activities - Week 3

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It's the Easter Holidays and week 3 of our Daily activities! It may not be term time but its still good to keep active and have some fun!

Day 1

Today's activity is the standing long jump!

Record where you landed on your first jump using a stick/sock/pencil! Then have another try and see if you can beat it!

Remember to really bend your knees and swing your arms to help you jump even further!

Day 2

Today as it's 'Tranquil Tuesday' and the Easter Holidays we thought we would run a colouring competition!

We want you to design an Easter egg! It doesn't have to be Easter themed, use your imagination (or google)

Take a photo of your child's colourful design and email it to us with their name and age to

Or you can head across to our Facebook page and post it in the comments section of this activity!

Open to ages 4-11 years old. Closing date is Sunday 12th April and winner/s will be announced on Monday 13th! Prizes to be won! we cant wait to see your designs!

Day 3

Today its Mr Giblett's challenge and he is keeping it Easter themed!

How many Bunny Hops can you do in 30 seconds?

Can you beat his score?

Day 4

So today's activity involves a bit of science, art and then some PE!

1. Have a go (with an adult) at this EGG EXPERIMENT! You will need to hard boil an egg! Follow this link for instructions, but please note, don't do the egg drop experiment as we need your egg!

2. Now to decorate your egg!

3. It's time for a bit of PE now! Yay! And I bet you can guess what it is. That's right, its time to have an egg and spoon race! This takes a lot of concentration, control and coordination!

Race with your brother/sister/parents and see who wins, and remember, don't drop your egg! Another option is to set up an obstacle course and see if you can get round it with your egg!

We would love to see your colourful decorated eggs, so send us in a photo of them!

Have a great Easter weekend at home with your family and we will be back Tuesday with more of our daily activities!

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