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Daily Activities - Week 2

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Day 1

How many toe taps on a ball can you do in 30 seconds? If you want it more challenging try 1 minute!

If you don't have a ball you can always use a pillow!

Day 2

Today we are having a 'Tranquil Tuesday' and doing some yoga!

Click on the link and do the 25 minute yoga session where you will look at different movements and breathing, along with a warm up and cool down.

There are so many benefits children gain from doing yoga! It enhances flexibility, refines balance and coordination, develops focus and concentration and boosts self esteem and confidence! Namaste

Day 3

Its Wednesday, and that means one thing! It's Mr Giblett's Weekly Wednesday challenge and its a fun one!

Have a go! See how far away you can get it in from! Or try a trick shot!

Have fun!

Day 4

Today's activity is a balance game!

Choose different numbers, children then have to think of and do a balance with that many parts of the body touching the floor!

They need to hold it for 5 seconds!

Get them to think of using different parts. Try using knees and/or elbows!

Keep them active by getting them to move around after each balance! They can jog, skip, jump, hop and sidestep!

Try making it more challenging and get them to think of a balance in pairs (you parents can join in too!).

This game can be done inside or out (on grass) so if you can, get outside to play it in the sunshine. Have fun! We would love to see some of your amazing balances you come up with!

Day 5

Its day 5 of our second week of daily activities! We hope you've been having some fun! Today's activity is the Wall sit!

Can you hold it for 30 seconds?

Put your back against a wall and then lower into a sitting position, making sure your knees are in a 90 degree angle!

This activity is great for strengthening your leg muscles!

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