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Daily Activities - Week 1

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Day 1

Its day 1 of our Daily activities!

How many side to side jumps over a pillow can you do in 1 minute. Keeping your balance and both feet together!

Day 2

Today's activity is Balloon Volleyball!

Start by making out a line as a net, you can use string, books,clothes! Whatever you can find! Have a player each side.

You can have as many taps as you need to get the ball over the line! If it hits the floor the other side wins a point.

Don't forget, you're not allowed to catch it!

To change it up, try playing sitting down, or try and see how big a rally you and the other players can get!! You can even try and see how many taps you can get by yourself! If you don't have balloons try it with a light air ball or something similar! Have fun everyone!

Day 3

Welcome to Mr Giblett's weekly Wednesday challenge!

Today working on your balance! Can you hold it for 30 seconds? 1 minute?

To make the activity more challenging try adding a second item to balance!

Day 4

Today's activity is Zumba!

Click on the link and head across to the GoNoodle website and spend 30 minutes doing a few of the Zumba workouts!

GoNoodle is a fantastic resource for teacher and parents! They have so many fun exercise videos for children which also includes looking at mindfulness and so much more! Great for children in both KS1 and KS2! As coaches we love joining in as well! Have fun!

Day 5

Its day 5 and today we are working on our throwing and catching, coordination and at the end a little bit of balancing too!

Give all of these a go, and when you get to the end see if you can come up with a different action to do whilst the ball is in the air! How challenging can you make it?

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks activities! Keeping active is incredibly important to our health and well being, as well as that its always good to have fun along the way!

We have lots more to come so head back here Monday for the first activity of a fresh, new week!

PS - If you have Facebook, head over to our page, give us a like and a follow and you will be able to see all the daily activities! We love to see your comments to them and videos/photos of our activities being completed!

Also just a note on our videos and photos of daily activities. All videos were taken before the lockdown in preparation for these activities, and any that are being filmed now are by parents of the children.

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