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2nd March - St Vigor and St John Church School netball match report

On Monday the 2nd March 5 schools went to Wells Blue to play a high 5 netball tournament where 6 students were running the matches.

The netball tournament really tested our skills and every match we played really helped us. We played multiple matches and we sat off for one. At the end they added up the scores, our total score was 10 and we won. We had turns at all positions so we would have a good understanding of each one. We have been well trained by Miss Rossiter in our netball club. She helps us and encourages us, we are very well supported.

In netball you have to throw and catch the ball and score goals. You are not allowed to move with the ball you can only pivot on one foot. The different positions are Goal shooter, Goal attack, Centre, Goal Defence and Goal keeper.

The matches were 10 minutes each and everyone was cheering each other on. Harry scored 9 goals and I (Maisie) scored 1.

We were all very inclusive. When we were off we practised our passing and shooting on an empty court, it was very fun! We were so overwhelmed when we won because we lost our previous tournament.

The netball tournament was our best one yet. Every person from our school that came to watch us or played was supportive. We all love cheering each other on and we especially loved when Emme brought us all oranges to share.

Netball was very fun. Me and Harry used a specific tactic of passing from centre to GA, when I was centre and he was GA. Using this tactic Harry managed to score 4 goals. We used a footwork pattern of hopping when we scored.

Written by Harry, Lilian, Lily, Maisie, Emily, Evie-Willow and Emme.

As a coach it was fantastic to hear the news that the netball team had won. Seeing the smiles on their faces in their celebratory photo was just brilliant! They have been putting so much effort and practice in during netball club. We have been working on their movement up the court, on their footwork, getting into spaces and their marking, which has shown during the tournament. Their sportsmanship and teamwork is amazing, they have a real team spirit, with supporting and encouraging each other. Thank you to Wells Blue for organising, and we cant wait for the next one!

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